Executive Paranormal Investigative Team
All of our team members have had some kind of paranormal activity happen to them as a child or sometime later in their life to bring them here as investigators in the search for answers to those experiences.
Sam Neill

NOPS Co-Founder / Paranormal Investigator / Case Manager

Sam has been involved with paranormal activities as far back as a young child. Sam is the spokesperson behind NOPS and is curious to know there is something out there and is very eager to find out and communicate with the other side and maybe share a drink too.


Sam has appeared on several paranormal pilots and documentary Television shows as himself. 



NOPS Honorary & Affiliate Paranormal Investigative Team
Dennis Quesenberry

Associate Paranormal Investigator in training (Arizona)


Stationed in Arizona, Dennis is our go-to person for very old desert locations in and around Arizona.

He is also the one person who called on us to check out Yuma Az with its very old and haunted hot spots.

Dennis is new to investigating and is a key subject when it comes to paranormal activity. Spirits tend to stick to him like tar paper.

NOPS Associate Groups, Teams & Technical Partners

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