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Executive Paranormal Investigative Team

North Orange County Paranormal Society / ParaUnit is a resource for people seeking help with understanding their paranormal experiences. We are highly respected in the paranormal field among real investigators. We will attempt to research and document the existence of strange and anomalous phenomena using scientific methods. We are research experts in the field of investigation that can help with things and ideas that have worked for other clients in reducing paranormal activity that may be of paranormal origin. 


We were established in 2005 by Jim VanEeckhoutte and Sam Neill after their own experiences with the unknown. In 2007, Jim’s brother Shawn joined the team as the lead technical wizard. The 3 of them are the core of the operations.


NOPS Co-Founder / Paranormal Investigator / Case Manager


Sam has been involved with paranormal activities as far back as a young child. Sam is our spokesperson and is curious to know if there is something out there and is very eager to find out and communicate with the other side and maybe share a drink as well.


Sam has appeared on several paranormal pilots and documentary television shows as himself.

Sam and Jim often investigate together as a team on most investigations. Sam is the spokesman for our paranormal presentations. Sam loves a full, active audience that is interested in the paranormal and he is eager to share the team's stories. 


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NOPS / ParaUnit Tech. / Paranormal Investigator


Shawn, (brother to Jim) has been the lead tech at NOPS for 20+ years and leads the Para-Unit response team.

It is also Shawn's job to plan a strategy for capturing any paranormal activity that can help aid in the overall paranormal investigations. Shawn is a 40-year veteran cinematographer, video engineer, and electronics tech. His specialty is building special trigger equipment to better capture evidence and develop quicker setup gear. Everything Shawn builds is 90% funded by him. When Shawn was first asked to join the group, he was 100% skeptical about what he should investigate and capture. Today he is 40% skeptical about the stories the team is about to investigate but believes strange things do happen and that keeps him interested. Most video, audio, and images captured from cases were by Shawn and other team members. Shawn is also in charge of the website, and evidence file storage.

Shawn executive produced a special live investigation program in December of 2012 called "Paranormal Live: 12-12-12" and other live internet investigations. He has won several awards for his live event planning and directorial skills. He also converts small action cameras to IR full spectrum which allows these cameras to see in total darkness with the use of IR illuminators as well as other spectrums. He has converted over 600 full-spectrum IR cameras for paranormal TV shows and other paranormal groups.


NOPS Co-Founder / Paranormal Investigator


Jim has investigated the Paranormal world off and on since 2005. He is a lead investigator with a thirst to find answers to what happens to those who crossover. Just the thrill of the unknown is compelling. Jim has a scientific approach to investigating and will go out of his way to help anyone understand what he knows and has experienced.


Jim has appeared on several paranormal pilots and documentary Television shows as himself. Jim specializes in EVP sessions and interviewing clients about their stories. He also plans out investigations with several scenario-type acts in hopes of fooling a spirit into manifestations or activity. 


NOPS Paranormal Investigator / Medium / Researcher / Writer / Producer


Victoria is a clairvoyant and medium who has been doing readings professionally since 1987. Her background is in Tarot, Palmistry, Mediumship, Crystal Gazing, and Psychometry, and is a Paranormal Investigator. She has a 2nd degree in Reiki and is Certified in Magnified Healing. In 2001 she created the North Orange County Tarot Society (NOCTS) which ran for 5 years. She still is very active in doing readings and teaching on all aspects of metaphysics and the paranormal. She also supports paranormal fundraisers for historic places, etc.

Her credits include:

2009: Author - Ghost of Orange County

2009-2010: Lead Story Producer for the Bio specials and the first season of "My Ghost Story".

2005: Lead Story Producer "Casefiles Unknown", Destination America Channel.


NOPS Historian / Researcher / Co-Paranormal Investigator

Aimee Aul is a museum educator with experience at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. She is interested in local and regional history, especially of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Ghosts and hauntings play an important role in cultures around the world, and Aimee loves researching the places and events that are associated with tales of the paranormal.

NOPS Honorary & Affiliate Paranormal Investigative Team

NOPS Associate Jr. Paranormal Investigator/Scout (Arizona)


Stationed in Arizona, Dennis is our go-to person for very old desert locations in and around Arizona.

He is also the one person who called on us to check out Yuma Arizona with its very old and haunted hot spots.

Dennis is fairly new to investigating and is a key subject when it comes to paranormal activity. Dennis is our newest trainee. Spirits tend to stick to him like tar paper whether Dennis likes it or not.

NOPS Associate Groups, Teams & Technical Partners
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