"Celebrity Ghost Hunt" Pilot Show - A&E/Bio

NOPS was the investigative team working with Lead investigator Beth Brown for the California segment of the show. North Orange co. Paranormal Society.
Strange floating orb that was not insects or dust.

NOPS catches moving crystal on camera

NOPS captures a moving crystal at the Le Potager house in Fullerton. The team goes all out to figure out if this can possibly be moved by man made or by some other force.

Humming EVP at La Potager

Here is a class "A"  E.V.P. captured by NOPS at the La Potager house in Fullerton. Listen to the woman humming. NOPS jim captured this and heard this live with the RT digital recorder.

Rialto Church Stairway Ghost solved

Rialto Church stairway ghost debunked by NOPS. The guys investigate a photograph that was posted on the web as being an apparition of a woman with a long dress floating at the midway section of the stairway.

Noises at the Fox Theater in Fullerton

During the Haunted Fullerton Walking Tour, the group was inside the Fox theater listening to historic information and stories about the Fox when suddenly a loud bang as if something fell or was thrown from upstairs. We had a camera rolling as always and we caught it on audio. We then went into investigative and found a very old pocket knife that wasn't there before the tour group came in!

Shadow captured on video

NOPS investigates in the old train station museum. We set up several live IR cameras for the live show "Paranormal Live 12-12-12" and on this camera, you can see a shadow come very close to the camera then slowly drift off and out of frame as if it was attempting to drain power from the live IR camera.

NOPS Paranormal Live Investigation

Here is a clip from a live paranormal investigation at the Haunted Heritage Junction in Santa Clarita, Ca. "Paranormal Live: 12-12-12 show". Cameraman gets shoved by something not of this world.

Class A+ EVP Caught

NOPS investigation at Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante in Fullerton. This location has now been added to the "Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours". NOPS has been in close contact ever since. We also love the food and dine there often.

LePotager - Active location for sounds

The team set up bionic mics throughout the house upstairs and downstairs locked up overnight with no one present and this is what we caught.

Webb School Auditorium Noises

The team set up 2 Trigger Dolls on the stage equipped with 360 surround sound high sensitive bionic microphones and locked up the theater and left for 2 hours. This is what the dolls heard.

"THE DEAD FILES: Special - ALCATRAZ" Travel Channel

Planet Paranormal Bob Davis and NOPS Jim and Sam share their past stories of paranormal experiences while touring Alcatraz. Bob and Jim & Sam had no idea at the time they were being tapped for the same show as they were on the island on different days.

Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours 2019 Highlight Film

Here are some highlights from the tours that take place during the month of October. NOPS volunteers at the tours every year for these annual fun events where the team gets to talk with the public on these tours and share experiences people have and answer questions about the paranormal.

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