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About Us

North Orange County Paranormal Society / ParaUnit is a resource for people seeking help with understanding their paranormal experiences. If you have not heard of us, it's most likely because you have not been looking in the right place. NOPS/ParaUnit and our affiliated groups are highly respected in the paranormal field among real investigators.  Investigators are available free of charge. NOPS/ParaUnit attempts to document the existence of strange and anomalous phenomena using a scientific method. We are not hunters, exterminators, pest control, or entertainers in the industry. There are no such things as experts in the paranormal field. This field is constantly changing and no one has all the answers. What we do have, is experts in the field of investigation that can help with things that have worked for other clients in reducing activity that may be of paranormal origin. 


When you request an investigation, our case manager will take an "over the phone interview" to discuss your activity and concerns. We may send out a preliminary Scout team to test your location prior to setting up a first-time investigation which is a smaller investigation to see what we can find. If the activity is tested successfully, we will then launch a full investigation if needed with additional high tech gear and additional back up team members if needed. We normally don't use the entire team on first visits and we may not bring in our tech department until needed later. If we are unsuccessful in finding anything, we will have the activity monitored by the client and they kept in touch with us for a possible return visit. Clients will be instructed on ways to document their activity when we can't be there to help us determine the best plan of action.


We will enter your home or business and investigated it as skeptics. This is what investigators do first to rule out man-made contamination. It's not fair to the client to be led to believe that their place is haunted. It doesn't work that way. The first steps include taking measurements and base readings caused by interference from electrical and electromagnetic devices, 2-way radio signals, etc.

This is also called the "Process of elimination". Then we will move to unexplained activity. This is where we will focus our investigation as well as to conduct our own experiments using some of our own experimental devices. Once we determine what we are dealing with, we can take the next steps to find a solution for the client. We may then refer your case to experts who deal with your type of phenomena with the help of our collected data and evidence. 



We follow a very strict Code of Ethics when we investigate private businesses. Many times owners would rather not pay employees to watch over the team as they investigate into the late night/early morning hours which is understandable. Business owners have trusted us with temporary keys to their business for investigating. Many of our members work in the security field and it's like leaving security guards to watch over your business. Businesses are welcome to keep their security camera systems recording the entire time as they could help verify our findings. Some of the trusted locations are Cafe Hidalgo, Le Potager, Warner Grand Theater, Star of India, and others.

The #1 question we get all the time is, why do we mostly investigate at night?

Although the entertainment industry uses dark areas and using infrared night vision cameras for its spooky look. It's not the reason real investigators do it. We investigate at night because it's quieter as most people sleep at night. We choose the dark because it enhances our other senses like hearing and touch which enables us to collect better evidence. Investigations can be done at any time, day or night. 


NOPS/ParaUnit was first established in 2000 by Jim VanEeckhoutte and Sam Neill after their own experiences with the unknown. in 2007, NOPS launched a free Internet-based television channel called NOPStv on ( which became Livestream in 2009) with educational paranormal programming and live investigations. The free NOPStv channel closed in 2017 due to high fees to operate the no longer free network and because of newer free digital based video networks such as Youtube and Facebook Live.


NOPS/ParaUnit is based in Southern California and covers the west coast from Arizona, Nevada, and Northern California. What you see from us is 100% real!

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We do not do this for a living. Our equipment is completely funded by our own members and companies that partner with us for what we do.


Our members have full-time day jobs where they are employed or operate their own business. We do not charge people to investigate their homes or business like some groups do as their only income. We do it free of charge and for the sole purpose of research. We do it because we feel there are some things out there that can't be explained and we are interested in finding out more about things that can't be explained.


NOPS/ParaUnit will occasionally host pre-paid public investigation events and fundraisers during the year for educational purposes that will give the public a chance to see what's it's like to investigate the paranormal and experience what we experience. Fees for these events will go to the location for restoration purposes and expenses for the event itself.

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