NOPS Paranormal Investigative Services

NOPS paranormal investigative services are free to clients needing our help. We also have contracted consultant services as well for the film and television industry. NOPS has worked on and filmed for various TV pilot shows and sizzle reels in the past years for upcoming films and TV series shows. We will work with producers based on what they are looking for and how the investigation process works. Together we can come up with a game plan that works within your budget.


There are rental services available for paranormal Investigators or for teaching your actors or cast to be real investigators or for filming purposes. We have camera operators who are not scared of the paranormal available and paranormal investigative gear, HD Full Spectrum, and RGB cameras, IR illuminators, lights for Television & Film.

Available IR/Full Spectrum cameras from GoPro, GitUp, DJI, YI, and others.

We have professional custom camera rigs for most DSLR cameras and support IR Full Spectrum converted cameras with pro-IR illuminators for shooting the highest quality Near Infrared night shots in the dark. 


We have worked with TLC/Discovery Networks, SciFi, History Channel, Bio Channel, Destination America, Universal, A&E, Netflix, Fox, UPN, Living TV, and Travel Channel on many of their paranormal projects.