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North Orange County Paranormal Society (NOPS) / ParaUnit is a resource for people seeking help with understanding their paranormal experiences since 2000. Investigators are available free of charge. 


ParaUnit attempts to document the existence of strange and anomalous phenomena using scientific methods. We use all sorts of devices and equipment. Some devices we use were custom-designed and made by our tech team.

A story is just a story unless you can document and validate it via data, audible, visual, or other scientific capturing methods.

We do not do this for a living. Our equipment is completely funded by our administrative team members and or by company collaboration.

Our members have full-time day jobs where they are employed or operate their own businesses by day. We Investigate the paranormal on the side as volunteers. Although we don't charge people to investigate their homes or businesses as some groups do as a business, we do accept tips for transportation fuel in cash or gas cards. 

We investigate free of charge and for the sole purpose of research. We do it because we feel there are some things out there that can't be explained and we are interested in finding out more about the things that move on their own, and go bump in the night even if it is a natural occurrence.


When you request an investigation, our case manager may email or take an "over-the-phone interview" to discuss your activity and concerns. We may send out a preliminary person or Scout team to test your location before setting up a first-time investigation which is a smaller investigation to see what we can find. If the activity is successful, we will then launch a full investigation if needed with additional high-tech gear and additional backup team members. Children and pets will not be allowed in locations during active investigations. No exceptions.


We normally don't use the entire team on first visits and we may not bring in our tech department until needed later. If we are unsuccessful in finding anything, we will have the activity monitored by the client and they will keep in touch with us for a possible return visit. Clients will be instructed on ways to document their activity when we can't be there.

Be respectful to the team in your home or business. Remember, they are there for you and are volunteering their time to help you.

We will not enter your home or business and automatically declare it haunted as some do from a first-time visit. It's not fair to the client to be led to believe something is paranormal when it's not. We don't work that way. Our team will go in with an open mind and take steps. The first steps include ruling out normal activity caused by interference from electrical and electromagnetic devices, 2-way radios, WiFi, cell phone signals, etc.

This is also called the "Process of elimination". Then we as a team will move to unexplained activity. This is where we will focus our investigation as well as conduct our experiments using some of our own experimental devices to prove the existence of activity.


We will then have a full team meeting and determine what we are dealing with. The next step is to find the best solution for the client. We may then refer your case to experts who deal with your type of phenomena with the help of our collected data readings and other potential evidence. 

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For the past several years, we have been involved in putting together a documentary film based on what we do as paranormal investigators vs what you see on TV shows.

We may not always be available due to work and filming schedules as we must juggle dates and times from week to week but we try to schedule in as many cases as we can in between.

We have taken several years of investigations with hours of footage and pieced together the best of the best at the most highly active places that would allow us to investigate.

All NOPS clients with a declared "active" status or interesting paranormal cases have the option of allowing us to add their cases to our documentary film "Operation ParaUnit" for research purposes.  

We are a paranormal research team and our mission is to professionally, ethically, and scientifically gather evidence of paranormal phenomena for our clients. We focus on educating others on the science of paranormal studies through research and investigations.

We approach paranormal claims with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity.


Our case files will not be made public on our website as we have many private client locations that wish not to be published and there are production companies out there who will extract this information to use for profit in TV, films, books, etc. We can not allow this to happen.


The #1 question we get all the time is, why do we mostly investigate at night?

Although the entertainment industry uses dark areas and infrared night vision cameras for their spooky look, it's not the real reason investigators do it. We investigate at night because it's quieter as most people are asleep.


We choose the dark because it enhances our other senses like hearing, and touch which enables us to collect better evidence. Investigations can be done at any time day or night. 

Case reviews:

Many times our tech department may be backlogged with case data files of potential evidence caught. In many cases, it can take up to 2-3 weeks​ to complete all file reviews.

Our technical department is the heart of our operations and is responsible for setting up technical gear to catch the best possible evidence and reviewing the many hours of data. Without proper evidence capture, cases would just be a bunch of personal written stories.

It is important not to dig too deep when reviewing evidence. It has to be a natural response otherwise we would just be chasing our own shadows and trying to enhance normal man-made activity. We know what to look for and we know what the response should look or sound like.

When we started, all we had was standard definition cameras and low-quality video, today we have sharp, higher frame rate 4K Ultra HD cameras and video for maximizing the quality of our captured video evidence and much better bionic sound! The old saying "seeing is believing" and "Don't believe everything you see" with your own eyes but being able to capture it on video takes the case to a whole new level.

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