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Real or Fake: Spiricom 1979

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In 1979 William (Bill) O'Neal and George Meek came up with an idea on how to communicate with spirits from the other side.

The Spiricom was a legendary device invented for two-way communication with spirits...

From 1979 to 1982, George Meek and Bill O'Neil developed a device they dubbed the “Spiricom” (short for spirit communication). The Spiricom was a set of 13 tone generators spanning the frequency range of the adult male voice.

The partnership developed, as George Meek was a self-made man who had become a budding spiritual explorer, and Bill O'Neil had quite capable psychic abilities. In fact, O’Neil claimed to have worked with spirits (deceased people) while developing the Spiricom with his pal, Meek.

Recordings of the Spiricom in action still exist today, though nobody has been able to duplicate the results, to date. The Spiricom gave off a loud buzz when in operation, due to the frequency generators. The idea was to use the different frequency waves being generated, as a carrier signal of the voice of any willing disembodied human who spoke from the other side of the grave.

When Bill O’Neil spoke into the Spiricom machine, it has been reported you could hear “the voice getting wrapped up in the buzzing noises” generated by the Spiricom itself. Thus, the Spiricom sound itself has been jokingly described as being similar to musician Peter Frampton’s talk box.

After the two men worked on the Spiricom for some time, "then a most amazing thing happened.” A spirit voice began to get wrapped up in the radio waves. The spirit voice claimed to belong to deceased Dr. George Jeffries Mueller (a NASA scientist). Dr. Mueller assisted the two men in improving the Spiricom device (Dr. Mueller being a scientist himself) from the spirit realm. George Meek and Bill O’Neil recorded more than twenty hours of dialog with Dr. Mueller, through the Spiricom.

William Bill O'Neil


William (Bill) O'Neal was on the payroll of George Meek, basically on a 'pay per result' basis, George Meek was Bill O'Neal's only income, so Bills audio results paid for his food.

Bill O'Neal was diagnosed as a schizophrenic, it was on his death certificate as being one of the complications of his death. Bill O'Neal was also a ventriloquist, he had a stage act where he referred to himself as 'Uncle Billy'

An artificial larynx was found in his possessions and listed in the METAscience Foundation inventory, there are non-publicised recordings of when O'Neal got his timing a bit wrong with the artificial larynx, and 'Doctor Mueller' finished off one of O'Neal's sentences, that audio alone proves that O'Neal was hoaxing the whole Spiricom episode.

Although O'Neal on various occasions said that 'Doctor Mueller' and himself were talking at the same time, ......... they never did.

On some of the video, O'Neil is seen (only from the back, never shown from the front) to make hand gestures when he (O'Neal) talks, and sometimes makes hand gestures when 'Doctor Mueller' 'talks'. And one piece of video shows him talking only once to his pre-recorded larynx voice.

The video starts out with O'Neil explaining the device then the video stops and starts again with O'Neil's back to the camera to cover what he is holding. At times when O'Neil is talking, you can hear his normal voice pass through the machine.

Artificial Larynx

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