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Each presentation is approximately a 1-hour lecture/video presentation.

During these presentations we talk about the types of places we have investigated, how we approach paranormal investigations, show the equipment and techniques we use, and finally, present the best-archived evidence we have captured to date. 

Included in the presentation:

  • Lecture about the paranormal

  • Theatrical stage lighting when available

  • Professional 4K video & sound presentation

  • Question and Answer session

  • Hands-on equipment demonstration

  • Optional "Investigation" (2 hrs.)

While NOPS does not charge for our services as investigators for paranormal investigations, we do charge a reasonable fee for your events and featured presentations. These fees support our work as a group, presentation equipment cost set up, and stage lighting, as well as help pay for our website, transportation fuel, and other administrative costs.

The average size group is about 40 people or less for our presentations based on the 43" 4K video IPS monitor size we have. For larger groups, we can also plug into your system via an HDMI input for venues that have video projection or use our own 200" projection system with sound. The audio travels through the HDMI port but we can also send a feed to your sound system.

We also have Investigative workshops and events for those who want to learn how and why paranormal investigators do what they do.


We have paranormal consultant services for filmmakers who want a realistic approach to the paranormal. We can work with your actors and teach them how to look and perform as real investigators. We can also run them through our paranormal Bootcamp and show them what to look for in this field.

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