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Want to participate in a real paranormal investigation and experience what actually goes on in the dark? The NOPS team is now accepting guests on real investigations at supposed haunted locations. Fill out the form below and we will contact those who are interested. Some locations have never been investigated by paranormal teams. You will learn and assist the team in these case studies. Please follow the team's instructions at all times.


These locations will not be dangerous and we will not put anyone in danger.  We will not be entering into any places or taking cases that have been labeled demonic or violent activity for these guests. These are not tours or ghost hunts! These are actual locations that need to be studied for paranormal activity.


Some, if selected to participate in the assistance program will need to provide their own transportation to the location and sometimes their own overnight lodging if far away.


We will in time have group size investigations of 10 at various locations like the Queen Mary or other landmark places. To help support those locations. There will be entry fees to support restoration and preservation costs. These are pre-paid events and no refunds can be given but you may sell your ticket to someone else if you need to cancel. 

In these cases, we will try to keep the cost per person as low as possible. We will post these events on the front page and our facebook page.


If we have Investigation road trips to long-distance locations, we will set up transportation and available lodging at discounted rates and add it to the fees.

Fill out the form below to be put on a list of upcoming investigation events.

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