Our tech team uses the most professional gear because of its reliability and durability. This gear is not cheap in cost but in order to capture the best looking and sounding evidence, we need the best. Not everyone will be able to afford the gear that we use and it took us a long time to get the equipment we use. You don't need expensive gear when starting out. Simple is better until you actually experience what we have experienced then you would have wished you had better gear when you experienced that one piece of evidence! Most of our gear here has been fully tested against common paranormal instruments to be interference-proof.  Some of our gear has been designed, custom-built, or modified by our own NOPS team members and associate members. 

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Original SPOT

S.P.O.T. Special Paranormal Operations Trigger Spot is our very first electronic modified trigger doll but not just any trigger doll. This one is an old antique and will have special highly sensitive mics in its ears and now added EMF metering capable of hearing 3D sound (same as M.A.X.) around the doll's head and can sense EMF field interruption as well to indicate activity is near. Binaural Mic Sound SPOT EMF: Low emf red, medium emf green, high emf blue. It can record for 10 hours!

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