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Paranormal Trigger
Microphone Systems

Paranormal Investigator Trigger Mic Dolls

S.P.O.T. Series and REMO dolls

Special Paranormal Operations Triggers


Here is the latest in paranormal tools. These dolls have bionic hearing and are low noise dual-microphone systems built inside the head with very sensitive microphones providing 3D Binaural technology. Once recorded, you can pinpoint the direction of sound from playing back from a recorder or live output with headphones.


Paranormal trigger objects are designed to attract supposed entities. At the same time, the device can record any audible noises and or EVPs and audible EMF Hot Spot detection.

June 2017

Pro Bionic/Phantom Sound System

Binaural Pro Bionic Sound system


This 360 Bionic/Phantom Ears Microphone system mimics human hearing. We modified it so we could hear at a superhuman bionic hearing level with low noise microphones. The system is built inside the housing and has very sensitive microphones in each silicone ear providing 360 sound with 3D Binaural technology.

We also added Phantom microphone capsules for extreme hearing as well as the Bionic mic capsules. 4 mics in total.

Once recorded, you can pinpoint the direction of sound from playback from a recorder or live output. The device can record any audible noises and or EVPs. The device mimics human directional hearing. 

Binaural mics (Bionic Holophonic Sound)

Jan 2017

360 Bionic Sound System

MAX360-6 Pro Sound system


This device has 6 bionic low noise microphones that are very sensitive and provide 360 sound with Super Bionic Sound technology. 


The device is designed to simulate human hearing when recorded. This model also has built-in EMF detection to hear and detect high EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) as well as other man-made wireless devices such as cell and wifi signals that would normally interfere with your other equipment and giving you false results in your investigation.

It can be configured with a camera and or pod and left alone for hours at a time.

Binaural mics (Super Bionic Holophonic 360 Sound)

Jan 2019

MAX360_ (1).png
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