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T.C.S. Remote Tracking Camera Scouts


What is a Tracking Camera Scout?

TCS is a fully remote tracking camera system with many features for the paranormal from sound & motion detection to IR night vision and full spectrum IR in a 360-degree tracking movement and can actually follow the target!


  1. Remote viewing: Monitor the camera live and watch video motion alerts from a smartphone, tablet, or DVR system.

  2. Recording: 2K/1080p / Micro SD or Cloud Storage

  3. Alerts: Audible alarm / Audible ping when motion is detected and recorded.

  4. Color camera: The camera can record in normal color by day 

  5. IR night vision B&W: Black & White night vision with or without floodlight alert when motion is detected.

  6. IR Full Spectrum B&W: Black & White Full spectrum with no IR illuminators for use with (UV, IR, or other light sources).

  7. TALKBACK: Investigator can remotely talk through the camera itself from a smartphone.

  8. TCS BATTERY: High-capacity protected long-lasting 30-hour battery that can not be drained by energy forces.

  9. Sensitive Tracking Modes: The trigger detection is very sensitive and can track orbs and any type of movement or human forms.

  10. Remote Positioning: An investigator can remote position the live camera.

  11. Video Replay: Investigators can replay any recorded file from its internal memory or from the cloud.

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